Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today I am a Political Blogger

So I've been asking myself a lot lately where I think music is going right now. I've noticed that really all the stuff I listen to was made at least 5 years ago. But I think the answer is that the music is going where we're going. People talk about music like it's some giant in the hillside. But the problem is that most of the music being made right now is shit. So if the music won't get better until the people get better, how do people get better? Well, in my understanding, people get better when they start to understand that they're valuable. And they not valuable because they got a whole lot of money, or because somebody thinks they're sexy or anything like that. The media's full of shit that makes the "not beautiful people" like us feel like shit. They're valuable because they were made by whatever the hell made the world. Whatever you think made the world. Whether it be Buddha, The Big Bang, Allah, Pharrell Williams, or whatever other god you pray to. Take your pick. And whether or not you recognize that value is one thing. But there's all kinds of governments and stuff trying to be god. They wanna put cameras and satellites and put tracking devices in us. They want to make us think they have an all-seeing eye or whatever. They want you to think Big Brother is watching. Don't buy into any of that stuff. Dont get phased out by any of that, none of the helicopters, the tv screens, the newscasters, the satellite dishes.. They're just wishing. They could never have that kind of control over us. Just make sure that when you're taking your pick, not to pick as your god. They didn't create you. They aren't god or anything close to it. They're not invincible. Fear not of men because men must die.

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