Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Place Your Hand in a Bowl of Warm Jello..

...and think: "I am 95% water." Wiggle your fingers in the mush and think: "Even my thoughts are 95% water." Invite a friend to put their hand in the jello with you. Touch your friend's belly and think: "Oooh, 95% water." Put a microphone into the jello and suck up the sound from the bottom of the bowl. Play it back into your friend's watery ear. Add reverb. Add oxygen, food, beer, weird things that get your blood moving like chicken wire, huge corporate injustices, and smooth jazz bass riffs. Now think: "This is one screwy continuum."

Here in the bio-electronic moment we witness a liquid conflux of chemicals, linkages, feedback loops, rumors, waveforms, bricks, smirks, and terror. Yet we are not an All. We are not God. We are not one. We are many. We are billions. We are a storm of undefinable presences, congealing, integrating, staring into a mutual murk. We strain against and surrender to some wild, howling node that lures the cosmic waters into its steaming vortex. And the question emerges from this ageless cocoon: how do we extract pleasure from such a thing? Could our beings integrate with rusting steel, microbes, socio-economic forces, local and international media, the very biosphere in which we breathe, and still delight in the mix? Could we dance with such a monstrous organism? Could we jam with the entire bio-psycho-electronic environment? Could we open our dumb, simian circle out towards an infinite lattice of beings?

Let's jam in the web, fellow animals! Let's be symbiotic, and connected -- not merely symbols and postures evaporating around the universe. Let's induce high-density confluences: foaming multispecies, multilingual, multipurpose throngs. Let's jam with our neighborhoods, our satellites, refrigerators, insects, rickshaws, and meteor showers. Let's protrude into the common wilderness, the radical center of mutual survival. There, let's lay web upon web, and inject system into system. Let's merge audience, performer, and medium, turn poverty into wealth, and dissolve culture in nature. Let's induce a new ritual of mongrel possibility.And there, let's liquidate our turgid beings and coil into bionic communion.

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